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This painting is an illustration of the difference between knowing you are free and acting like it. For many who have heard the story of Christ since childhood it has become just that; a story. That is a lie. The life, death and triumphant resurrection of Jesus is a life shattering, powerful reality that has the capacity to set you free to explore life with the very Spirit of God. All it takes is surrender. We have an entirely unexplored landscape of God laid before us and we can choose to stay put. Think it’s a nice story, legs crossed, arms folded. Comfortable. Predictable.  Bored. Or we can embrace all that God is offering us. “This is eternal life that they might know the Father and the one whom the Father has sent.” Eternal life starts now. It starts with knowing God. This is not a safe ‘knowing’. This is a ‘mess up your world’ kind of knowing. The adventure you were made for. Say yes and take Him at His word.

Art & Seek! is an 8 week course designed to take its participants on a journey into the heart of God. We assign a variety of fine arts projects specifically developed to engage your heart, imagination and creative capacity in order to learn how to quiet your busy life and tune into what God is personally speaking to you. Each project is planned to take two weeks to complete with the majority of the work taking place within class time. We will utilize sculpting, painting and collaging skills however, it is not necessary for you to be proficient in any or all of these areas. This class serves both the amateur and professional artist. The most important quality we look for is an appreciation for beauty and a willingness to step outside your comfort zone and try new things. This class will raise your artistic skills while deepening your understanding of the heart of God to promote healing and wholeness in your life. Come join us on this beautiful journey of self-discovery!

Generally held once a week for 2 hours. Must have a minimum of 6 students. Cost is $160/student. (art supplies included)

Classes are scheduled as interest is shown. So get in touch if you are interested! Like and follow ByFire Media on Facebook where available classes are advertised!

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